Sombra Warm Therapy

About Sombra Warm Therapy

Sombra is a topical warming gel (or cream) made of natural ingredients. It is applied on the skin for quick relief from pain. The gel is concocted from extracts of medicinal plants and scented with orange peel. The two active ingredients are menthol and capsicum which supply the warmth. There is no alcohol in Sombra, it is non-staining, and contains no animal byproducts.

Capsicum is a stimulant found in hot red chili peppers. It is also antibacterial and used to prevent infection in burns and sores. Menthol has a cooling effect. It does not change the temperature of skin but produces the sensation of change.

Sombra Therapy Is Used For

  • back and neck pain
  • sore muscles, sprains, bruising
  • arthritis pain
  • stiff, sore joints (it works on sore joints and arthritis pain because it has a detoxifying effect)
  • tension headaches (rub on back of the neck)
  • fibromyalgia
  • migraines (rub on temples and back of the neck)
  • inflammation

Sombra Gel Ingredients


Menthol and capsicum

Inactive Ingredients

  • extracts: aloe vera, grapefruit seed, green tea, orange peel, queen of the prairie, yucca
  • carbomer
  • decyl plyglucose, sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate, vegetable glycerin
  • deionized water, rose water
  • silica
  • witch hazel

Sombra warm therapy is used by massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, or other health professionals. This product is technically sold only to certified health practitioners, but it can be purchased by consumers via the internet at several easy to find sites. There is also a “knock-off” that consumers can buy called, “Sore No More.”

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